Not in reference to the classic album by Yes, because, frankly, no right thinking person should ever admit to having heard this, let alone liking it.  No, the title of the post refers slightly to my mental state now that we’re approaching ever closer the deadline for the exhibition.

Because, yes, we have now settled on a date for this.  We had a meeting at MADE a week last Friday with Jane P and Dan.  We sat and thrashed out a bunch of details and then plotted out how we are going to use the wallspace (and exterior space, for projections).  So Friday 24 October we’re having the launch, then it will be at MADE for the Organic Eastside Seminar which is being held in South Birmingham College on 28 October.  It may then partly move to South Birmingham College as part of something Richard Trengrouse is organising, though we haven’t settled the details of this.  (When I say ‘we’, let’s be honest, Jane P is doing all the organising here).

So all that’s left to do is actually get all the materials together.  From our end I went out a week last Saturday and took a bunch of photos in the sunshine of various locations that people talked about in their interviews.  Then I used these to put together a unified Google Earth file which has locations, photos and quotes – kind of like the highlights of the highlights.  I’ve also been printing out some of these quotes and the accompanying location shots to mount up as part of the ‘academic’ bit of the exhibition.  I’ll post this up on the website shortly (have been distracted recently by James asking me to work on a complete redesign of it).

Dan, meanwhile, has been taking a bunch of portraits which look really great.  He’s been in to discuss colour balance and whatnot with Kev from our Drawing Office.  So when I happened to be downstairs this morning photocopying stuff I saw Kev printing out the first copies of the prints on the map plotter.  And, I have to say, they look great as small prints but are amazing as posters.  I sit in intense jealousy of Dan’s talents.  Looking forward to seeing other people’s reactions to these.

So all that’s left to do is get all the location photos and quotes put together and organise the maps and some posters about the methodology.  Oh and sort out whatever multimedia stuff we’re doing.  So nothing very much really.  Fortunately I don’t have much teaching, although my tutees this afternoon seemed less than impressed by the stuff I’d given them to read about Google Maps mashups.  Hey ho.  We will shortly be having an article published on BBC Birmingham Online about the whole RG thing, so celebrity beckons at last – especially after we got a mention in the Times Higher a couple of weeks ago in an article about the Royal Geographical Society conference.