James, Jane RH & I are all making our separate ways to London this week.  This is Jane’s last week working for Rescue Geography before she disappears off to her new job in Cork, so this is a good opportunity to thank her for working on the project.

The reason we’re all heading south is the annual conference of the Royal Geographical Society.  This sounds like a much bigger deal than it is because, in truth, only a few wafer thin slithers of the geography ‘community’ actually go to this thing.  It’s not just that it’s only academics, but also the fact that no physical geographers (chaps interested in skies, rocks, rivers, coasts etc.) ever go to this.  In fact, of the human geographers, it’s mostly the environment/cultural/urban people that go.  You don’t see much in the way of economic geography there.

(Not that I’ve much interest in economic geography, which is why I like the RGS conference so much. )

So James & I are going to give separate presentations on different aspects of Rescue Geog.  My paper’s on the technical aspects of mapping and his is on… well, I’m not sure.  We had lunch yesterday and he’s been getting very excited about Deleuze recently.  Hmm, not sure how many people are going to be thrilled by French philosophy wrapped around this project, but if it makes James happy.

Went out on Sunday and did some filming with the helmet-mounted camera we’ve got:

Okay, it’s not great quality, but you’d be amazed how difficult it is to cycle and keep your head level.  This is about the best 40 seconds from 15 minutes of filming.  Still, it’ll pretty up my PowerPoint presentation a bit and that’s all that matters.  Bearing in mind that at last year’s RGS James & I did a performance piece, I suspect that the more conventional presentations we’re doing this year will disappoint some of our incipient fan club, but so it goes.

Will post more when i get back.