This is the new home of the Rescue Geography Blog.  We’ve posted archived versions of the old blog (Sept 07-Aug 08) on our website.  Essentially we were getting too much spam on the old blog host which meant that it was starting to shut down ten days into the month saying that we’d exceeded our allowed traffic.  Compulsory reading though this blog is, there’s no way it was attracting that many legitimate hits.  The host service suggested we pay to add more bandwidth.  Hmm.  So we’re here giving WordPress a go, in part because James & I are involved in a ‘creative geographies‘ event which has a WordPress blog which we’re supposed to be posting to.

Anyway, we run out of money from the ESRC in just 18 days so the first phase of the project is nearly at an end, which is a bit sad.  But we plough on.  James has just had a meeting with our new handler from MADE, Jane P (not to be confused with Jane RH who’s been employed as our researcher for the last 12 months).  He may even blog about it, who knows.  At least it all seemed pretty positive.